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Blackwater Outlaws was the website for a music group many years ago. The purpose has been changed toward helping musicians, much like yourself, find helpful website development and digital marketing services. We've found one of the best service providers for music group website development to be the team over at There are plenty of options that come up when doing a search online for "musician website design", including the WebCitz company previously mentioned.

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Web Services for Music Groups recommends WebCitz for web design services. Their team can help you design a website for your music group from the ground up. They'll listen to what your needs are, discuss different platforms like WordPress, and help you understand what is going into your project. recommends WebCitz for ecommerce services as well. If you'd like to set up an online store to sell apparel for your band, they'd be happy to help. They typically set these up within BigCommerce or Shopify, but they've been known to set up some WordPress / WooCommerce online stores for music groups in the past as well.

While digital marketing isn't always the main focus for music groups, the group at does recommend them for that service as well. It can be helpful to put a little budget into your digital marketing to help you show up better in online searches for local music groups, or even have your social media profiles appear more professional.

Does My Music Group Need a Website?

Yes! You need a website to help you show up online and organize links to all of your social media platforms. It is also a great way to set up an online store to sell merch!

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WebCitz is a full-service web design and digital marketing company located in Menasha, WI. They have a team of more than 18 full-time professionals, each specializing in their own area of the business. They are often hired to work for companies such as musicians to help them set up their first website, add ecommerce functionality to their website, or even help to improve traffic to their website.